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Monday, October 4, 2010

The ETM Story

the ETM story
Afar from the media release of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) says, Mr. Emelino T. Maestro was not giving a lecture on "How to file a complaint against erring BIR Officials before the Office of the Ombudsman" when he was arrested. He was simply the moderator of the said seminar and the keynote speaker was Atty. Jun Alarcon from the Office of the Resident Ombudsman.

ETM, as well as a number of learned taxpayers have been exposed to incidents like this too long that such perjury complaint and subsequent arrest can be easily recognized as no more than mere harassment. If you will notice in several BIR offices today, there is a posting that says:

Attached with it is a clipping of the Philippine Daily Inquirer article based on the sensationalized BIR media release about ETM's arrest.

We believe that this is a direct threat to any taxpayer thinking of invoking their right to complain against government officials. This will not stand according to the Supreme Court that states:

" the strength of democracy lies not in the rights it guarantees but in the courage of the people to invoke them whenever they are ignored or violated. Rights are but weapons on the wall if, like expensive tapestry, all they do is embellish and impress. Rights as weapons must be a promise of protection. They become truly meaningful, and fulfill the role assigned to them in the free society, if they are kept bright and sharp with use by the those who are not afraid to assert them." (Ynot vs.  IAC, 148 SCRA 659)

ETM serves as the voice of all Filipino taxpayers. His success on speaking the truth, no matter how difficult it is; is the success of all taxpayers. Be an avant-garde of truth with Philippine taxation by liking us on Facebook and sharing your thoughts, or you could follow us here and share your experiences and comments below.

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