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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Taxpayer's Courage

We may get a lot of definition from the word courage. To me, courage is the power to stand up against all odds when you know you have to do it. One thing remains the same: it is inside all of us.

This taxpayer's level of courage, Mr. Adolf Sheerer is higher than the courage of others who keep silent on themselves witnessing graft and corruption. He did his action not for himself alone as well as for other taxpayers to avoid having the same experience in transacting with an institution in which his public trust has eroded.

This is being published to recognize a taxpayer who stood up with his moral courage and not to demerit or denounce any people, office or institution. No exemplary act should pass without being acknowledged and appreciated. And we applause Mr. Sheerer, may he be an example to everyone doing what is right and appropriate as a Filipino.

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