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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspiring Encounter with ETM

Archangel Michael overcoming Lucifer

One dinner discussions with EMELINO T. MAESTRO (ETM):

Mentee: Why don't we post the DOJ dismissed resolution to a forgery lawsuit filed against you by a BIR official (itago natin s'ya sa pangalang Roda Kabute). Just to show others who don't personally know ETM that he has been experiencing repeated attacks eversince; in line with his passion of helping educate taxpayers.

ETM: Forget about Roda Kabute, just focus ourselves on reaching more taxpayers to help. I am still giving him the respect to preserve his name to the public. Let's just keep our playing field clean.

This is another encounter with my mentor substantiating his moral dignity. He will not engage himself on underhand way just to get even on people who personally wronged him. During seminars, I often hear him encourage taxpayers to pay taxes rightfully due to the government. So, I really wonder why there are some tax authorities threatened by ETM's way. Wherein ETM's objective is to teach taxpayers so they could lawfully comply with their tax obligations. 

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 "Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs darkness to be seen."

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